programma: allestimento padiglione slow tea cluster

cliente: slow tea cluster, con expo milano 2015, kip

autore: sophia los

progetto grafico: loriana martin

luogo: expo milano – italia

stato: non realizzato 2015


International Slow Tea Association is a worldwide non-profi t and non-governmental organization dedicated to promoting Good, Clean and Fair tea production and consumption, and Tea Culture.
Slow Tea support and promote projects to defend local tea traditions, to support small-scale tea producers and values their traditional knowledge, promote sustainable tea production, protect local biodiversity, and promote small-scale quality teas.
Slow Tea’s approach to tea agriculture, production and consumption, is based on a new concept of quality defi ned by three principles: GOOD, CLEAN and FAIR.

From October 12 to 18, in the “Multipurpose space for Partners expositions” of the KIP EXPO Pavilion, Slow Tea International will organize a SLOW TEA CLUSTER: a space
dedicated to all the organizations, institutions and companies (producers and traders) working to promote sustainable tea production, protect local biodiversity, and  promote local tea traditions and small-scale quality teas.
National Tea Board, Tea Producers, Tea Farmer, Tea Estates, Universities and research institutes, National and International Tea Organization



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