Architectural, urban and landscape design

We design both buildings, urban contexts, interiors and gardens, with the same attention and care while keeping people and their relationship with the environment at the forefront. Our projects strive to reach the highest level of sustainability – environmentally, socially and economically – by providing expertise on energy efficiency, bioclimatic design, the psychology of living, inclusivity/accessibility (Design for All) and an eye for detail.

We favour regeneration projects  – at building and urban scale alike. 




At the heart of the studio is the devotion to interiors, whichever their type or purpose, that we design with a sartorial approach and through close collaboration with craftspeople carefully selected over the years. We like to choose safe materials, innovative technologies, each time pursuing durable solutions that are both elegant and sustainable. From our long-standing experience of designing living spaces comes a small production of objects we have created, choosing excellent craftsmanship over mass-scale production.




Over time, our research on living has also taken the form of courses and training for students (IUAV University Venice, ISAI,…) colleagues (education credit points, talks and symposiums), companies, trade associations (Confartigianato, Confartigianato, Istituto di Bioarchitettura, The Italian Association of Landscape Architects, The Order of Architects) and groups of citizens (talks and courses).



Culture & Communication

Communication of places and contents.

ùOur research activity encompasses multimodal, multimedia, inclusive and accessible integrated communication projects: the core principle being the lack of a skill is a shortcoming only if a project didn’t make space for it. We believe that directly experiencing a place kindles a desire for knowledge and stimulates a sense of care, which in turn allows us to value our cultural heritage by making it relevant. As a result, we launched place marketing activities, created inclusive visitor experience systems, art direction of cultural events and displays.


Product communication.

Over the years, by looking at producers’ needs from their standpoint, we have developed specific expertise in designing expos and stands, in catalogue photo shoots, communication and marketing consulting for single or trade associations. 


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