Methodology & Values

“The place I inhabit is my outfit. A tailor or a stylist cannot forego the body of the person wearing their dress. I have always conceived architecture as a dress on a massive scale as if it were a garment tailored to a living person’s experiences. I am interested in homes in their broader sense, rather than buildings I design inhabited stories: backdrops and sometimes whole plays.

I believe the man/nature dichotomy has caused grave pains to humanity. Caring for the environment results from emotion, and it encompasses your lifestyle and vision. It is important to excite that feeling”.

– Sophia Los

Our projects revolve around life, with architecture surrounding it like a shelter. Seemingly unrelated projects take form from this premise: they are all variations of the same theme, a constant dialogue between living growing bodies and the built environment. Growing and building are the poles on either side of a project.

Architecture addresses the lives of people directly, acting as the backdrop and partner of every experience. Following our relational approach, the project narrates and drives the conversation between growth and construction. In this sense, it is an instrument to establish and organise relation systems.

Each project embodies a story that involves different actors and sets the scene for another: the lives of future dwellers. It is a complex and inclusive system involving art and science, traditional and innovative technologies, memory and invention. It stems from a request and a desire, revealing itself when there is empathy and listening. It is an encounter, a conversation between people and places.

Across time, architecture takes care of everyone involved – designers, builders and inhabitants alike – something made possible by the actions of building and living.

The integration of environmental, economic and social sustainability places particular attention on the process. This approach allows us to tackle each project and its complexity using the best tools for effective, efficient solutions within the time variables.

It is only natural for us that every operation shall be eco-compatible, deriving from a bioclimatic and sustainable approach: if this was not the case, no inhabited space could qualify as such.

Across the world, Italian cities are beloved for their ability to express the pleasantness of conviviality through piazzas and interiors. The same matrix generates Italian art, fashion, food and landscape: “made-in-Italy” stands for a way of doing woven intrinsically into a way of living born out of a physical and cultural place. Taking care of spaces is a way of keeping the quality promises anew.

Thanks to this sensitivity and our tailored approach, most of our projects deal with retrofitting living spaces on different scales, and even the new interventions emerge as a redefinition of existing landscapes. SOL finds its strength in networking, employing specific skills for each project in a versatile and harmonic way.

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