sr11 – a state of the art territory testo rigenerazione / esplorare

programme: “a state-of-the-art territory” – a multidisciplinary project for the definition of urban guidelines

client: confartigianato vicenza

team: sophia los, sergio los, claudio bertorelli, centro studi udine

collaborators: n. covre, e. lorenzetto, l. parolin, e. bottin, f. dal toso, c. dal molin, daria petucco, i. visentin

city/area: sr11 – Vvcenza, italy

status: completed, 2012



To mark the new provincial urban plan, Confartigianato commissioned a pilot project to devise strategic guidelines for sustainable environmental, entrepreneurial and urban development. The Regional Road 11, as a case study, is the only portion of territory for which the Provincial Plan has considered a dedicated masterplan. 


– Pursuing the multifunctionality of the land while gradually weakening the market street quality.

– Seeing the SR11 territory no longer as a linear element of separation but a sequence of nodes. The act of giving it back to the dimension of living, or in other words, “re-integrating” it into the wider environment to which it belongs.

– Re-building a latent landscape through the continually balanced inter-relation between human settlement systems and agropolitan and periurban agricultural systems.

– Granting agricultural territories and their related activities a fundamental role (currently very limited) in the process of land re-qualification.

– The substantial collaboration between municipalities and the constant involvement of social actors.

– Activating strategic planning tools across municipalities while evaluating the use of the new set of instruments as provided by the regional law 11/04 (equalisation, credit and compensation). 

Presentation at the Villa Cordellina Lombardi.

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