Una città da abitare  – An exchange between dwellers and architects testo esplorare / direzione creativa

programme: silent play

client: ordine degli architetti P.P.C. of vicenza. 

director: carlo presotto

production: la piccionaia

speakers: marisa fantin – angelo zanella – liliana dal toso – sophia los – agata keran – tommaso dolcetta – marco boaria – carlo presotto – paola rossi.

argentine tango dancers: sophia los and stefano gambarotto

filming: miriam marini e walter ronzani

city/area: vicenza – italy

status: completed, 2015



Three architects (Liliana Dal Toso, Sophia Los, Angelo Zanella), an urban planner (Marisa Fantin), an art historian (Agata Keran) and an anthropologist (Tommaso Dolcetta) confront a significant and problematic area of Vicenza between Via Torino and Viale Roma. One by one, voices relay suggestions on ways to experience places and buildings. In their narration of the city and contemporary architecture, the shadows and lights of recent history – one often plagued by cliches – become visible. “Silent Play” is a project by Carlo Presotto: in these experiential walks, the whisper-radio system generates interactive conversations, using, in this case, pre-recorded materials.

A video of this event, curated by Walter Ronzani, will be presented to the audience by the Ordine degli Architetti P.P.C. of Vicenza during a public event in 2021.


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