programme: silent play and talk

authors: carlo presotto, sophia los, giovanni traverso, paola rossi

supported by: WeDo

in collaboration with: ordine degli architetti P.P.C. of vicenza

production: la piccionaia

city/area: vicenza – italy

status: completed, 2017



A walk at sunset, accompanied by a soundtrack of tales, sounds and evocative subjects, is the space to uncover the interactions between energy, life, light and darkness. A journey in various stages, starting from perceiving the transformations of light in the urban space, where relationships live, and changes in perception unfold – all the way to an exploration of the exchanges between nature and human artistry, between our senses and our thoughts and feelings. “Silent Fireflies” is a 60-minute long experience designed for a small group of people.

Carlo Presotto himself conducts the event: thanks to a whisper-radio system, he will transform the walk into a nomadic and interactive conversation, spanning from evocative variations on the theme of light in myths and the discovery of fire and moving shadows to the way our gaze adapts to light, the fear of the dark, light pollution and experiencing starry skies, circadian rhythms, led image-like illumination.

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