Programme: instant silent play – art direction and co-presenter

Client: Vicenza’s Order of Architects / Festival Biblico

Team: Sophia Los/OAPPC Culture Commission, La Piccionaia , Festival Biblico

City/area: Vicenza, Italy

Status: completed, 2019



In my institutional activities as manager of the Culture Committee of Ordine degli Architetti P.P.C. of Vicenza. 

I have collaborated with Festival Biblico. The festival is a lay experience of notable cultural and spiritual impact. The 2019 edition focused on the delicate subject matters connected to contemporary cities and was titled “Polis”. 

The Architects Association of Vicenza was asked to organise a series of events alongside the Festival runners. The team’s cultural goal was to involve citizens in architecture-related questions. 

We entrusted the association La Piccionaia – Centre of Theatrical Productions with three paths across the city with related activities. 

These included: spontaneous gatherings, social animation and social street projects called collectively “Plurimi Orizzonti” (“Plural Horizons”). Presenters: Sophia Los and Matteo Balbo.

In partnership with the festival, we also planned the closing event: a conversation between the architect – anthropologist Franco La Cecla and the bishop Gianfranco Ravasi, president of CEI’s Culture Office. 



Moderator: Armando Torno. 

Concept and coordination: Sophia Los – Culture Committee of Ordine degli Architetti P.P.C. of Vicenza. 

Presented by Sophia Los and Matteo Balbo.

Walter Rozani curated the video presenting a synthesis of the whole project.

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