programme: festival – co-creator, member of the board of directors, communication and setup project

client: ministero alle pari opportunità, italian government

team: logika, la piccionaia, sophia los

location: thiene (VI), italy

status: 2021, in progress



We live in an age that appears to have lost sight of the richness and beauty of an encounter with another. We deal with individualistic societies which are always more fragmented. We live disconnected – from ourselves and from others – in an age of hyperconnectivity. Based on these considerations and urgencies Passo a Due would like to invite the participants to explore the opportunities and richness of “being together” (doing, being and listening together). The keyword of the Festival is complementarity. Because “me” is the same as “us”: we are all different individuals, and it is this difference that is the “plus” that enriches us. The name “Passo a Due” (Duet – Pas de Deux) evokes the dance. The “dance” of opposites instead of a “war” between opposites. It is this common thread that will connect all the events and appointments: the participants will be called upon to experiment, think, experience recognising the right of the other to express themselves and interact. The other as object and not subject that questions us, forces us to look at ourselves, puts us in movement, and fulfils us. In reciprocity, obviously, because for others, “We are the others”. 

The project began in 2015 and was inspired by the concept of complementarity, the core topic of the book “Una vita in tandem”. The author, Sophia Los, will present the book during the course of the festival.



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