programme: accessible communication system for parco rossi.

client: municip. of santorso, co-financed by FSC – veneto region, coop. “nuovi orizzonti”.

team: make it easy (sophia los, diana de tomaso), la piccionaia, agata keran, paola rossi

city/area: santorso (VI), italy

status: completed, 2015 – 2016



Parco Rossi is a romantic park at the feet of Mount Summano and is the cardinal element of a complex system. It comprises the villa with its park upstream and the model estate downstream. Founded by entrepreneur Alessandro Rossi and designed by architect Antonio Carregaro Negrin between 1865 and 1884, the park expresses a vision ahead of its time still relevant to sustainable development today. Alessandro Rossi sensed the value, currently defined Glocal, of consolidating the local culture and integrating it with the rest of the world. This tradition resulted from the Serenissima making the Veneto territory safe and accessible. Our project deals with the communication system and included 19 thematic audio stories with Bluetooth beacons. The approach was inclusive, aware that the lack of one ability is only an obstacle if the design makes no space for it.

  • Multisensory and multimodal map of the area:

1) functional orientation, 2) content communication, 3) visitor engagement, 4) best possible fruition.

  • Tools to find your way in the park: facilitating spatial cognition. In our search for a wayfinding tool, we started observing the park configuration. After drawing along its borders, a figure emerged as if waiting to be discovered all along. After all, the bestiary belongs to the educated people’s imagination of that era. ARAC, the little beast, accompanies and guides the visitors.
  • Inclusivity, participation and sharing: the empathic connection with the place generates a desire for knowledge, and it can make the space relevant to a diverse public, instilling the value of common good and activating a sense of belonging and care.

The project was presented during the workshop “Il turismo per tutti – strumenti per l’accessibilità e la fruibilità di spazi e contenuti” (“Tourism for All. Tools for accessible and usable spaces and contents”) on 6th  May 2016 in Santorso.

The project was introduced during the conference “Accessibilità per le disabilità sensoriali nei musei e in ambito culturale” (“Cultural sector and museums accessibility for people with sensory disabilities”, on 18th  November 2016 at Ca’ Foscari University in Venice.



cardinaletti 11-2016 locandina

The project was presented during the conference organised by AIAPP TER and titled “Oltre lo standard: come rigenerare il parco pubblico” (“Beyond the standard: how to regenerate public parks”, on 31st January 2020, in Bologna, sala Biagi.

The project can be found in INU’s atlas of accessible cities available at

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