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Benè Wellness Expo – 2005 Edition

Concept, project and organisation of the special event “Interni in Verde (published project).

Related symposium organised by Sophia Los.

First time event in Italy for Patrick Blanc. With the collaboration of Ordine degli Architetti of Vicenza and AIAPP.



“Interni in verde. The art of designing spaces with plants” – Flavio Albanese meets Patrick Blanc. Moderator: Sophia Los. Guest speakers: Marco Ferreri, Natasha Pulitzer, Martin Pontgraz, Alexis Trecoire (simultaneous interpretation: Miuccia Breda).

The possibilities offered by plants as architectural elements can help achieve a higher quality of living. Exploring how greenery can affect interiors is the central theme of “Interni in Verde”, part of the special event “Abitare Bio” by Benè, focused on highly comfortable relaxing spaces and work environments.

The “Interni in Verde” project, curated by architect Sophia Los, alongside landscape designer Luca Parolin, represents a unique mix of natural science and design. Furniture, accessories, lighting and plants are used as elements of a composition, allowing the architect to improve indoor spaces.

Greenery, outside its more evident decorative function, takes on a significant role in the distribution and organisation of spaces, becoming a green wall. Besides the known positive effect on mood and microclimates, studies led by NASA show the air-purifying properties of some species, like those used for the expo. They include smog and formaldehyde-reducing plants, like Dracaenas, Ivy, Ficus trees, and Tillandsias, which can filter several polluting particles.

The exhibited project extends across 160 sq. m, divided into an office area and a hotel suite, to better exemplify all the different plant uses in lived spaces. The display begins with the office area, moving to a living area, and ends with the hotel suite.

The symposium was recorded and distributed as an eponymous DVD produced by the Benè Wellness Expo.

Published on “Interni”.

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