Grigiante Casa Bio Stand testo abitare / allestimenti

programme: exhibition stand

client: grigiante casa bio

team: sophia los

collaborator: marta stocco

city/area: spazio casa – vicenza expo centre (VI), italy

status: completed, 2014



As part of a broader consultation related to re-organising the showroom, we designed the stand for the Spazio Casa expo in Vicenza. Grigiante are pioneering carpenters of biocompatible furniture. The pieces are made in-house, and the merchandise displayed in their showroom represents a very accurate selection of what quality living offers in the way of health and comfort. 

First of all, we tasked our commissioners to define a profile – a portrait – of the people whom the stand was addressing. The goal was to identify a suitable target for their brand and then build the exhibition around it. We simulated the house rooms adding details, accessories and photographs like on a film set, imagining how the family we envisioned would live in it. We arrived at a synthesis of the various characteristics emerging from the single components of the company. The stand was visible from afar, as a poetic tree house stood out, recalling the Fujimori pavillions, here freely re-interpreted by the company’s master carpenters.



Art: Paolo Savegnago and Stefano Zattera

Doors & windows: Infixall (VI)

Candles: Candele e Affini (VI)

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