EWR – Eco Spa Suite testo abitare / allestimenti

programme: concept, artistic direction, displays, eco-wellness resort event and eco-spa suite

client: benè wellness expo

team: sophia los

with: tiziano marchetto, loriana martin (graphic design)

city/area: vicenza – italy

status: completed, 2008



The 5th  edition of the Bené expo presents 1300 m2 of space dedicated to the Eco-Wellness Resort, curated by Sophia Los. A journey across technologies, materials and settings revolving around environmental sustainability. Core themes were, on the one hand, energy-saving for a more rational source management that respects the environment, while on the other, the use of natural, safe and healthy materials from the construction process onwards, and the creation of a glossary to fully appreciate all the faces of ecology.

Four elements are the protagonists and symbols of the Eco Wellness Resort: water, wood, earth and plants. The journey starts with a large area dedicated to water, dealing with the element combining wellness and ecology in their various forms. Greenery is a constant element throughout, from the bio-lakes in the water section to the ancient fruit sold in the green lounge, a winter garden. Earth is the foundational ingredient of a spa room, The suite results from a thinking process that sees the hotel room as the privileged space for wellness. No longer a box to be filled with furniture, but rather a three-dimensional room split into two levels dividing the living area with the seats and writing desk obtained from a gap in the platform, from the bath and bed area, protected by natural hemp/silk curtains. The futon on the upper level can be moved to the bedroom for a massage, while on the opposite side lies the fitted juniper wood tub. The private oudoor space, complete with vertical garden and greenery, is placed at a similar height. On the lawn, we positioned a wooden one person sauna for outdoor relaxation. 

Organiser and presenter of the talk “Ecologia per Piacere”.



Photos: Carlo Panizzolo

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