programme: communication of furnishings for assisted living facilities

client: cit-malvestio

team: sophia los

collaborators: MMBF (graphic design), studio visus (photography), studio pitari (photography), nude design studio (rendering)

city/area: padua, italy 

status: completed, 2007-2010



Project related to the communication of furniture for assisted living facilities for Alzheimer patients. Collections: “Rialto”, “Domino”, Taiga”, “Agorà”. The catalogues of furnishings for assisted living facilities embodied the uselessness of the elderly: sad spaces, lacking in vitality, empty. The new catalogues are the first in Italy and perhaps Europe to frame the guests’ everyday experiences in the facilities in a welcoming yet realistic way. This approach rejects the usual trend of swaying from fake hotels to desolate nursing homes.

While collaborating with Cit-Malvestio, a leading company in hospital services in Italy, in 2012, I worked as a consultant for grants on the furnishing of assisted living homes and proposed some custom solutions.

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