Eco Village in Brazil testo abitare / nuovi edifici

programme: holiday village, feasibility study and general planning for the realisation of an eco-compatible village with a golf club, and division into plots

client: private commission

team: sergio los with sophia los, natasha pulitzer

with: SYNERGIA progetti, tourist and financial project: roberto lauricella – ICP group SA trust

city/area: morro de são paulo, brazil

status: unrealised 2001-2005



The intervention touches 39 expandable hectares of land, located in a landscape of great beauty with patches of tropical forest (“Mata Atlantica”), water streams and beaches, including a 500 m wide shore facing the coral reef. The tropical climate is mitigated by breezes making the stay comfortable all year round. The project affects the only cleared out area available on the island, and it comprises the definition of a Resort with 200 rooms and 100 bungalows with tennis courts, and a residential settlement made of eighty 5000 m² plots next to an eighteen-hole golf course.


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