programme: expo displays, design and interiors construction management for the showroom, executive plans for the new office building

client: belflowers Srl

team: sophia los, renza mara calabrese, sabina bonfanti, davide charlie ceccon

collaborators: marta stocco

city/area: pontelongo (PD) – italy

status: completed, 2009 -2016



Belflowers is a company based in Padua specializing in artificial flowers. I designed many exhibition stands for them between 2009 and 2017. Together with architect Sabina Bonfanti, we planned the first editions (2009-2010), creating great lampshades covered with sunflowers, produced by Oltremondano. Sabina curated the logo restyling, choosing the sunflower as the iconic element for the company communication and branding. She arranged autumnal and Christmas panels using flowers.

Many were the theme’s incarnations for the various expos of the sector. In 2015 – for HOMI Milan – I conceived a floral ceiling with flower balls.

In 2011, I designed the new office building with Renza Mara Calabrese, although sadly, the plan never went ahead. The company preferred to renovate the interiors with a light restyling of the existing premises in 2014: for the lobby, I proposed a version of the playful sunflowers theme.

In 2016, Davide Charlie Ceccon collaborated with me in creating a Christmas-themed retail area, where his large scale illustrations gave life to an evocative, spectacular, expressive space.



Stand production: Europstand (Leopoldo Agostini)

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