programme: plans, renovation management of a flat in the city centre 

client: private commission

team: sophia los

collaborators: gianluca rosso, carlo zambonin (structures), cristian cipriotto

city/area: padua, italy

status: completed, 2018



Renovation of a flat in Padua’s historical city centre. The flat had been set up in the 1970s and needed a reconfiguration to fit the new owner’s needs. To better the inner micro-climate – Padua is often very damp – we insulated the walls with lime hemp, a natural material with excellent hygroscopic qualities, and then painted their surfaces with lime wash. All the materials had the goal of achieving a healthy, comfortable space. The new planimetric layout recalls the traditional palaces of Veneto, modernised and articulated around a central hall. This way, we provided ample and pleasant spaces and lovely ventilation in the summer.


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