“a quale casa tornare” (The home we are returning to) testo esplorare / ricerca

programme: “the home we are returning to” – webinar’s concept and organization

client: INBAR

team: sophia los, gianluca rosso, paola de rosso (grafica)

status: completed, 5th  May 2020



A conversation addressed to all the inhabitants.

The virus showed the frailness of our present way of life. The city streets, first half-deserted, then became occupied by animals, and nature started reclaiming its space.

Silence and starry skies, friendships between neighbours on facing balconies: suddenly, small communities became desirable to many. We think it useful to reflect on how we wish to experience cities and suburban areas. We wonder what shape should take a space to become suitable for a resilient lifestyle, the urgency of which is becoming apparent.

Webinar programme:

• Marco Guzzi – Poet, philosopher, founder of the “Darsi Pace” movement

• Sophia Los and Gianluca Rosso

with the participation of: Anna Carulli, INBAR national president, Marco Caserio, INBAR National Secretary, Cristiana Rossetti, President INBAR -Verona division, Federica Colpo, Estate Agent, Roberta Rocelli, General Director of Festival Biblico, Marisa Fantin Archistudio – Istituto Nazionale Urbanistica, Sergio Los once  professor of Architectural Composition at IUAV University – SYNERGIA progetti, Natasha F.Pulitzer, architect – SYNERGIA progetti, Marco Bussone – UNCEM president (National Union of Municipalities, Communities and Institutions of Mountain Regions).


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