A seaside apartment testo abitare / rigenerazione

programme: plans, renovation management of a holiday home.

client: private commission

team: sophia los

collaborators: giovanni baron

city/area: sottomarina, Italy

status: completed, 2017



The project dealt with the renovation and the interior design for a holiday flat. The inside walls CalceCanapa (hemp & lime) lining, and subsequent limewashing optimised the internal healthiness of a humid space. The apartment had to be minimalistic, functional and bright. The corridors, like the stairwells and entrances, are transitional spaces, often dark and empty. Often, they are just the right spots to introduce splashes of colour, to make shadows colourful. In this instance, I suggested the corridor be like diving into the sea. The commissioners, however, did not like blue tints, so we picked variations of the colour green. The corridor features fitted wardrobes and doors. 



In the children’s room, a table was designed and illustrated by Davide Charlie Ceccon

Photos: Alberto Sinigaglia

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